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Family Reunification Heroes
Family Reunification Week celebrates the thousands of families that have successfully reunited with their children throughout Los Angeles County. “Family Reunification Heroes” are a special group of parents, families, individuals, agencies and organizations that have made significant contributions in returning children to their homes and families. They are nominated by social workers, lawyers, community service providers and other child welfare organizations. The Family Reunification Week Committee reviews all nominations and the selected winners are honored by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors at a special Board scroll presentation. This year’s “Heroes” will receive their due recognition on Tuesday, September 17th at the Hall of Administration. Their emotional and inspirational stories will undoubtedly encourage other families to avail themselves of the many programs and services Los Angeles County has to offer to families in need. There is no greater task than ensuring the health, safety, and well being of our children. This year's “Heroes” are an exceptional group and Los Angeles County extends heartfelt congratulations!

The 2013 Family Reunification Week Heroes include:

  • Lyz Melendez, 2-1-1 Children’s Court Project
  • Mother Gloria Casian
  • Deborah Davies, Friends of the Family
  • Mother Sally Aryan
  • Children’s Social Worker Natalie Stewart
  • Father Mark King