ITC Supervisor is 'Backbone' of Covina Annex

Intermediate Typist Clerk Supervisor Shirley McHenry retired from the Department in 1989 because of her husband's health.  But she wasn't gone for long.  McHenry was asked to return in 1990 and 14 years later at age 69 she is still working and has no plans for retirement.  "I love working with these wonderful employees," she said.  "I have to keep busy.  I wouldn't know what to do with myself."


Busy is an understatement.  McHenry is a dynamo, thinking creatively and always going above and beyond what is expected.  Three days a week, she supervises clerical staff, orders cell phones, sets up CPR training for staff, supervises summer interns, organizes fundraising sales for decorating the building and even finds time to play Mrs. Santa Claus for the children in the Medically Fragile Unit at Christmas.  Recently, McHenry used money she raised to buy a new conference table for the Asian Pacific Unit. 


Staff feelings for McHenry run very deep and their statements speak volumes.  Regional Administrator Amaryllis Watkins describes McHenry as "the backbone" of the Covina Annex.  "She is efficient, has the most positive attitude at all times and has made our office look and feel child-centered by the decorations she generously contributes.  This is a welcoming environment not only for the children and families we serve, but also a boost t the staff."


When she's not busy making the Covina Annex a more inviting place, McHenry has a very full family life, which includes 18 grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.  You can also find her at the mini-stockcar races in Victorville where she cheers on her son, son-in-law and grandson who are all racecar drivers. 


"What we hear said most often about Shirley," said Watkins, "is that people "want to be just like her when they grow up."  A true testament to this valuable DCFS employee.