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Maya-Hivale Social Worker Sees the Need for Permanency
For Maya Hivale, a Children’s Social Worker (CSW) III in the Santa Fe Springs office, permanency is a priority in both her professional and personal life....
“It was this case that made me realize how many children are in need of a permanent home,” explained Hivale...
WillWong Social Worker Uses TV Program to Help Find Permanent Homes (DOC)
Will Wong of the DCFS Adoption Division Placement and Recruitment Unit, epitomizes the thorough social worker who not only uses his professional skills, but also uses research, common sense and just some good old fashioned hunches....
SNewman_SJohnson Scrap of Paper Changes the Life of a Child (DOC)
In January 2007 as part of the Concurrent Planning Redesign Project in the North Hollywood Office (now the Chatsworth Office), I was assigned to a case managed by Services CSW Selena Johnson.
My mission was to visit an 11-year-old girl named Anna who was placed for nearly two years in a foster home....
Robert Becerril Permanency is the Goal for Social Worker (DOC)
Robert Becerril, a Children’s Social Worker I in the Metro North office, routinely goes the extra mile to find permanence for the children on his caseload.
Majorie Porter Foster Parent's Dedication Spans 50 years (PDF)
85-year-old Has Cared for More than 100 children
"Marijorie Porter is a remarkable person and an example of how one person can change the lives of so many children" said DCFS Director Patricia Ploehn.
Jan Springer Volunteer of the Year Finds Value in Mentoring (DOC)
Jan Springer has been named the 2006 Los Angeles County Volunteer of the Year. “Nothing is impossible when it comes to Jan’s passion for foster youth and especially for her mentee, Monique...
Christopher Former Foster Youth Serves as Peer Counselor(DOC)
"Although Christopher faced stressful psychological issues on his own, he managed to successfully graduate with honors from high school. Christopher now seeks to support and educate other foster youth...
Claudia Bustillos Kinship Worker Brings New Excitement to Dealing with Families(DOC)
"I love my job. In any other job you'll never have this kind of impact on peoples' lives. You see success stories every day," says Kinship Supervising Children's Social Worker Claudia Bustillos.
Irie Reyes Former Foster Youth Uses His Struggle to Inspire Others (DOC)
Alan "Irie" Reyes, a 28-year-old mentoring coach at the All Peoples Christian Church, knows a lot about what it's like to be in the system and struggle through a difficult childhood. Irie is part of the Exodus Urban Academy gang intervention program. He now uses his struggles and success in life to inspire and teach middle school and high school continuation school students.
Hai Luu Social Worker Connects with the Asian Community (DOC)
After 13 years of being on the line as a Children's Social Worker, Hai Luu says with great humility, "The more I work, the more I like this job." Luu has been with the Asian Pacific Unit for 12 years. Supervisor S.Y. Woo explains that Luu has gone above and beyond the call of duty..."
Maurissa Saunders ILP Coordinator Helps Youth Take Charge of Their Lives (DOC)
Independent Living Program (ILP) Coordinator Maurissa Sanders believes that Emancipation Division Chief Rhelda Shabazz recommended her for an "On The Line" profile because, "I tend to be outspoken and a go-getter. I try really hard to make sure that the services we provide benefit the kids."
Image of Milton,Bertha Morales, and one of their children Opening their Hearts and Home to Foster Kids with Special Needs (DOC)
A typical day at the Morales home starts early. Husband and wife team Milton and Bertha Morales wake at 5:30 a.m. to prepare for a day that includes caring for eight children, six of them with special medical needs ranging in age from 5 to 15.
Image of Berisha Black Working From the Inside to Improve the Foster Care System (DOC)
After spending 15 years in the system, Berisha, now 26, knows first hand the feelings and struggles of foster youth. She also knows about opportunity, hard work, perseverance and the unconditional love of a foster mother who came into her life at a critical time.
Image of 18 year-old Brian Joynter Building His Own Future (DOC)
A few years ago, 18-year-old Brian Joynter was heading down a dangerous path. He was in trouble for using drugs and ditching school. He had been living with one aunt and when he became too much to handle...
Image of Janice Spencer and Sandra Molodonado-Sandoval March is National Social
Work Month

Janice Spicer never intended to be a social worker.  But, she was a young, single mother with two sons and needed a job.  Then she saw the ad in the newspaper for an intake worker at the Old Age Program and applied.   The fit was perfect.
Intermediate Typist Clerk Supervisor Shirley McHenry ITC Supervisor is 'Backbone' of Covina Annex
Intermediate Typist Clerk Supervisor Shirley McHenry retired from the Department in 1989 because of her husband's health. But she wasn't gone for long...
Adoption Children's Social Worker Nicole Engel Luck Has Nothing to Do With It: Worker Builds Relationship to Finalize High Number of Adoptions
To hear Adoption Children's Social Worker (CSW) Nicole Engel tell it, her outstanding track record of finalizing a high number of adoptions is based on luck...
Image of Robert Vaughn as Santa Claus Employee Plays Santa Claus to Bring Holiday Cheer to Foster Children Employee Plays Santa Claus to Bring Holiday Cheer to Foster Children
Robert Vaughn, a Unit Clerk in a Adoptions at the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) Covina office, has special job...
Lonnie Woods, Intermediate Supervising Typist Clerk Caregiver Praises Clerk for Being Efficient, Caring
Lonnie Woods, an Intermediate Supervising Typist Clerk in the Central Clerical Foster Care Approval and Payments section of Revenue Enhancement, has a big job to do...
Foster Kids Group Picture Mentoring Other Foster Youth
When most youth leave the foster care system at around 18 years of age, they have no permanent support system or adult to turn to for guidance...
Social Worker Ron Hirschhorn From Social Worker to Valued Friend
Los Angeles County Social Worker Rob Hirschhorn has a special passion for families. He specializes in Family Group-Decision Making emancipation conferences...
Image of Rashad McAllister Tough Beginnings to Extraordinary Success
Former foster youth Rashad McAllister, who overcame tough beginnings in an environment where violence and abuse were the norm...
Image of Jessica Ambroz Former Foster Youth becomes Social Worker
Twenty years ago, Jessica Ambroz was bouncing from homeless shelter to homeless shelter, living on the streets...
Image of Napoleon Sadsad in Kuwait Social Worker Soldier Helps Children on Both Fronts
When Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) Social Worker Napoleon Sadsad signed up for the Naval Reserves...
Steps to Independent Living - Current and Former Foster Youth
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