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DCFS/DMH Data Management and Tracking of Indicators:

The matching of client data, pursuant to the June, 2007 Order of Federal District Court Judge Howard A. Matz, has provided the County with a unique opportunity to identify children in the child welfare system who has received mental health service. DMH and DCFS have provided client data to Urban Research within the CEO, where a sophisticated matching process, so-called “fuzzy matching”, has been undertaken. Using the results of this match, DMH has created a Cognos Cube that allows the department to examine a wide variety of client variables (e.g. demographic information, service information, legal status, financial data, etc.) related to the shared clients of the two departments. To date, reports have been prepared which examine trends related to these variables from FY 2002-03 through FY 2006-07. These reports reflect, for example, a significant increase in the number of DCFS involved children receiving mental health services, associated increased expenditures of Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) dollars, and relative decreases in inpatient and day treatment expenditures with increased relative costs associated with outpatient mental health services, all positive trends.

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