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Steps to Locating Educational Resources

  1. Check if the school provides tutoring resources
    • Ask the school if one on one tutoring is available with the teacher
    • Ask the school if they have an after school program that provides homework assistance
    • Ask the school if they have an agency that comes on campus after school that provides tutoring or after school program

  2. Child might be eligible for free in home tutoring
    • Check to see if the child attends a Program Improvement School under No Child Left Behind http://lacdcfs.org/edu/docs/generic%20NCLB%20flyer.pdf
    • If the child attends a Program Improvement school make sure that they applied for free lunch program and contact the school to enroll in tutoring

  3. Does child display behavioral problems or may be learning disabled and needs helps in more than one subject?
    • The child might need a Student Success Team (SST) meeting or an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
    • Contact your Educational Consultant at your office to help set up or review SST or IEP to meet child’s needs

  4. If the child is placed in out of home care and is 14 or 15 years old.
  5. If the child is 10-18 years old and lives in a foster home or group home in LA County
  6. If child needs general tutoring and does not qualify for above resources…
  7. If child need help with GED or CAHSEE
  8. Call Steven Sturm, (626) 229-3404 , from DCFS Education and Mentoring Section