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Foster Care and Adoptions Assistance Hotline


Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services

The Hotline has... The Hotline staff will... When you call the Hotline...

a large capacity, state of the art, telephone system, with an automated attendant.  This will give you the choice of either leaving a message at anytime of the day or night or speaking to a Hotline agent during regular business hours (8-6, Monday-Friday Pacific Time).

The new telephone system has nationwide accessibility.

now be able to efficiently:

  • Issue duplicate Medi-Cal cards

  • Resolve payment problems

  • Process level of care rate changes

  • Process placement termination budgets

  • Process address changes

  • Process document requests

Please provide the following:

  • child's name

  • child's case number

  • child's birthdate

  • child's address

  • your name

  • your phone number

  • your relationship to the child

If you are calling about a payment, information regarding the months and payments in questions is also required.