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Surprised, Embarrassed,Confused, Afraid, Nervous, Angry or all of the above?

These are emotions described by parents involved with DCFS. They are certainly understandable. Parents in Partnership (PiP) recognizes this and is truly interested in helping you understand what it is that you are facing.

We, the Parent Partners of PiP, invite you to participate in an Orientation presented by a Parent Partner and a DCFS social worker. We will provide you with information on:

  • your rights
  • "navigating" the child welfare system
  • how to address your concerns with the social worker
  • how separation from your child(ren) can affect your family and their decisions
  • most importantly, how to work towards reunification with your children

The orientation is FREE OF CHARGE, and is offered in both English and Spanish. To attend, you must have or have had an open case with Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, or be a concerned family member of a person with an open case.

Parent Orientation Schedule

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