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Coming into contact with the Department of Children & Family Services can be a traumatic experience for any family. Losing custody of a child is devastating. Parents who have first-hand knowledge of this experience know how overwhelming and stressful it is for newly involved families to fully understand their rights and responsibilities. The Parent Partners are a committed group of parents who have successfully navigated the system and now work in partnership with DCFS to provide parents with information, empowerment, and hope. We provide support, information, and mentorship to parents who have recently lost custody of their children as well as parents whose children are in the foster care system without permanency. We assist parents and families by providing:

  • Lobby and Community Outreach – Parent Partners engage parents in the DCFS regional office lobby and at community sites. The goals are to provide families with information and resources, to encourage parents to make full use of DCFS and community partner supports, and to refer parents to the PiP Parent Orientation.
  • Warm Line – Parent Partners staff a voicemail information line at the regional office. The goal is to provide families with a phone line through which they can request support and information from the parent partners.
  • Parent Orientations – Parent Partners and DCFS staff members co-facilitate a workshop in which parents are empowered with information regarding child abuse and neglect, and strategies for success. The goals are increased parental awareness and advocacy, leading to better outcomes for families.
  • Parent Support Groups – Parent Partners facilitate support groups for parents who have children currently living under DCFS’ supervision, in-home or out-of-home. The goal is to provide parents with a supportive process with parents who understand the tasks of reunification and parenting, and have leadership and advocacy experience.
  • TDM Support – Parent Partners participate in Team Decision Making meetings, with the parent(s)’ permission, as an advocate for the parent. The goal is to assist parents in communicating their family’s strengths and concerns.

Parent Partners are trained in the areas of parents’ rights and responsibilities, grief & loss, communication, cultural awareness, child abuse reporting, and family violence. We are dedicated to the parents in the communities we serve.

Parents In Partnership Mission Statement

“In collaboration with DCFS we will use our experience to help support, educate and empower parents in their efforts to successfully navigate the DCFS system.”