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>> How can We Help? <<

We Get Involved!

Parent Partners have been called to share their voice, concerns, and knowledge for various DCFS operated focus groups, senior management committees, panels, and conferences. We have participated in the Statewide Self Assessment, the Strategic Planning Redesign, and the Juvenile Dependency Court Focus Groups. We actively participate in the Department’s efforts to eliminate racial disparity and disproportionality, to reduce timelines to permanency for children in foster care, and to improve child welfare practice. We promote partnerships between the community and DCFS to improve the lives of parents and families.

We Can Help!

If you or someone you know is a parent with an open DCFS case, we are here to help. Parent Partners are available to provide you with support and vital information. Contact us at one of the Warm-line numbers below. Also, Parent Partners are located in the lobbies of the offices listed below to provide support and information. At your request we will support parents during TDM meetings (availability may vary).

We Make a Difference!

Recent studies suggest that parents who participate in our Parent Orientation are 30% more likely to regain custody of their children in 1 year or less compared to parents who don’t participate. In one study, parents who participated in our Parent Orientation regained custody of their children, on average, 7 months sooner than parents who did not participate. Participating parents have told us that our services are effective because of the voices of the Parent Partners, and our ability to convey courage and hope.

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